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We realise that smart business owners are changing from traditional ways of marketing in order to focus on new web and mobile marketing strategies. We offer a range of affordable online marketing strategies, from Domain Registration and Hosting services, to simple, effective Web and Mobile Site Builders, to Web and Mobile Business Listing Services, to Web and Mobile Advertising. We provide the tools small and medium business need to be successful.


Online Marketing Strategies


If you plan to start a business online or you want to start a blog, you will need a website. To have a website, you will need to register a domain and a space to host your website. We do provide domain and web hosting service. You will get cPanel control of your website.

Domain Service



Acesse Ads

Then, you may want to advertise your website on the Acesse search engine. Acesse offers 3 types of advertisement options: Ad Banner, Ad Text and Ad Sites.

Ad Banner is a colourful banner advertisement displayed on top or bottom of search results page on a search engine, to get attention of search engine users.

Ad Text  is a text based ads placed on search results page when a user search a relevant keyword of the ads. Text ads are one of the best ways to generate traffics to your website.

Ad Sites generate instant traffic to your website by our Ad Rotator platform. Your ad will be seen by Acesse members worldwide. You get a 30 seconds commercial ad spot for your website. Target your ad based on keywords, language and location. Track your Ad Sites campaign with our AdTrac Analytics system. It helps your search engine ranking too!

Acesse Ads




WebcastPro is an efficient virtual communication tool for any individual to host a meeting or presentation with 1 guest, 100 guests, or up to 1000 guests. It allows you to engage with customers, business associates, co-workers, employees, partners, and friends without the hassle and expense of travelling. No download or installation is needed.

Webcast Pro 2


Mobile Web Builder

Even novice users can easily create your mobile website with our site builder. Use widgets to enhance your mobile presence with videos, social media and feedback forms. Create a menu card or reservation form. Download the QR code for your website and put it on your business card, shop window or whatever product you want. People scan your QR code with their mobile device to visit your site. Of course you want to know who scans your QR code(s). No worries, with our essential statistics tools you can keep track of who, what, where and when your mobile site was visited.

Mobile Site Builder




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